Cruyff Foundation - Schoolyard 14 Cruyff Foundation - Schoolyard 14
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Sports package
Along with the coatings every participating school receives a special Schoolyard14 sports package, containing the equipment that can be used for the games played on the selected coatings. This stimulates and intensifies the use of the schoolyard. The package consists of various balls, chalk, cones, bibs, skipping ropes, etc.

Game handbook
In addition to the sports package, the school will receive a game handbook with instructions for games that can be played on the coatings. The school is responsible for the monitoring and supervision of the schoolyard. The school may organize additional or extra activities on the schoolyard in cooperation with the municipality (i.e. community sports leader/youth worker) to encourage children to play and exercise in the schoolyard.

The Cruyff Foundation will endeavour to develop new initiatives to continue to activate the schoolyard.

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