Cruyff Foundation - Schoolyard 14 Cruyff Foundation - Schoolyard 14
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Rule 1 of the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff is: ‘You can't do anything alone, you have to do it together.' This applies equally for making a Schoolyard14; the funding comes from a collective effort by the school, the municipality, local businesses, and the Johan Cruyff Foundation. For more information please contact the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Once the financing has been obtained, the Johan Cruyff Foundation assists the school in the choice of coatings and advises on the layout or reorganisation of the schoolyard. The school receives this assistance in the form of a starter package that encourages the pupils to make the right choices for the layout of their schoolyard. The Cruyff Foundation also takes part in the execution of the project and works with fixed suppliers to ensure the quality of Schoolyard14. 

In addition to the starter package, the school also receives a sports package, game handbook  and the 14 rules sign. The school is also included in the national evaluation of Schoolyard14.



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