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Application procedure
The school can apply for Schoolyard14 by contacting the Cruyff Foundation:

Applications for Schoolyard14 are evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Schoolyard14 is available to primary schools in both regular and special education (ages 4-13) in the Netherlands and Spain.
- The Schoolyard14 project must be completed within one year.
- The school's motivation and vision for Schoolyard14 are important factors in the selection procedure.  
- The schoolyard must be fully or partially paved/asphalted. The coating can only be applied on a paved/asphalted, flat surface. 
- To be eligible for a Schoolyard14, the school must be in a position to contribute a minimum of €2,000. 
- The school is obliged to participate in the starter package.
- The starter package must be completed and returned to the Cruyff Foundation no later than three months after receipt.
- Upon request by the Cruyff Foundation, the school will cooperate with evaluations and studies of the use of the coatings and the effect of Schoolyard14 on aspects such as health, physical activity, social safety, and bullying.

The Cruyff Foundation reserves the right to reject any application, even if the application meets the stipulated criteria. Upon rejection, the applicant will be notified in writing, stating the reason for rejection.

Rules in brief
By applying, the school management accepts the rules and conditions as set out below that apply after the award of a Schoolyard14.

1. Donation and co-financing
- Schoolyard14 is based on the principle of donation and co-financing
- The Cruyff Foundation provides a transparent cost statement. View the costs here.
- The Cruyff Foundation supports the schools in raising funds for the project, for example, in discussions with the municipality and local partners.

2. Objective and cooperation
- The school endorses the social objective of Schoolyard14. 
- The school will promote compliance with the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff by the pupils, specifically on the schoolyard and at times at which the school conducts sports and games activities. 
- The Cruyff Foundation and the school will annually evaluate the effect of Schoolyard14 in a study. The school will commit to this annual evaluation.
- Upon completion of the Schoolyard14 project, the school will be given a page of its own on the website. The school will be expected to provide information for this page (text, videos, photos). More information will be sent by e-mail after completion.  

3. Use
- As from the moment that the coatings are installed, the school is responsible for the use and maintenance of the coatings.
- The school will monitor the use of Schoolyard14.
- The Cruyff Foundation remains the holder of the intellectual property and trademark rights of any nature whatsoever in regard to the facility and Schoolyard14.

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