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Starter package

Starter package

An important component of Schoolyard14 is the starter package, with which the pupils and the school jointly decide which coatings they wish to have on the schoolyard. The pupils themselves choose the coatings for their schoolyard in part by interviewing fellow pupils and investigating what sports they would most like to do in the schoolyard. The starter package allows the entire school to be involved in the new schoolyard, which increases the support for it. The support among the teaching staff, and more importantly, the pupils, is important for the proper use of and sense of responsibility for the schoolyard. This is why the pupils must be involved in the decision-making on the design and layout of their schoolyard. The starter package generates this involvement and commitment. The starter package will take approximately three weeks to complete.

The school will receive a starter package when the Cruyff Foundation has awarded the school a Schoolyard14.

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