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What is Schoolyard14

What is Schoolyard14

Schoolyard14 is an initiative of the Johan Cruyff Foundation focused on primary school pupils. So many schoolyards in today's primary schools are bare, boring, and inadequate to encourage children to get active. With just a few small modifications, we can change a schoolyard into a Schoolyard14, a place to challenge and motivate children to exercise more and take part in sports, both during lessons and after school. Using coatings (painted lines and coloured areas), we add various sports and games to existing schoolyards, to encourage children to play together more and get more regular exercise. A goal on a wall, a playing circle, or a section of athletic track can make a world of difference.

Schoolyard14 not only gets young people exercising, it also helps the school achieve various social and educational objectives, like more active students, playing together, cooperation, dealing with each other respectfully, independence, learning to deal with emotions, following rules and stopping bullying.

An important part of Schoolyard14 is the starter package, which allows the children and the school management to decide on the coatings they would like to see on their schoolyard. We feel it is extremely important for the children themselves to have a say in the choice of the modifications that will go into their Schoolyard14. This helps make the whole school feel involved in the new schoolyard. Proper use and the sense of responsibility for the yard depend on support from the teachers, but must ultimately come from the children.

The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff teach children to interact with each other respectfully, so arguments and fights quickly disappear from the schoolyard. Schools have already given us significant feedback about how their Schoolyard14 has had a positive effect in reducing bullying.

'We are very happy with our new colourful schoolyard! The coatings stimulate the children to exercise and play in a structured way. We have certainly noticed fewer incidents and conflicts since we've had the new schoolyard. The children now have so many options for playing together that they have no more time to pester and tease each other. The sign with the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff helps a lot. The children know the rules they have to follow. It's something very valuable for our schoolyard and the children.'

Evelien de Ruijter, headteacher at Nicolaasschool Schoonebeek, The Netherlands

What do you receive when your school participates in Schoolyard14?
- A starter package which gives the students and the school the chance to decide what they want added to their schoolyard
- Guidance in selecting the coatings
- Advice on the new schoolyard layout
- Recommendations on the implementation of Schoolyard14
- Three different sports and games in the form of coatings
- Handbook describing the sports and games that can be played on the coatings
14 rules sign
- Schoolyard14 sports package with a range of sports equipment.
- Each participating school is included in the national evaluation

How does a school become eligible for a Schoolyard14?
Schoolyard14 is available to all primary schools in both regular and special education. Rule 1 of the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff is: ‘You can't do anything alone, you have to do it together.' This applies equally for making a Schoolyard14; the funding comes from a collective effort by the school, the municipality, local businesses, and the Johan Cruyff Foundation. 

In order to be eligible for Schoolyard14, the school must satisfy a number of criteria and be able to contribute to the co-financing. For more information about Schoolyard14 contact the Cruyff Foundation:

Johan Cruyff Foundation
Olympisch Stadion 5
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